Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Keep these eyes open!

Tuesday - Intervals
Another early start yesterday in order to go on my windtrainer before meeting a couple of friends for brekkie.

5 mins warm-up
30 mins intervals - 1 min moderate/2 mins hard
5 mins cool down

Boy, this felt hard. I am so glad I have an ipod to plug into my ear so that I can listen to fast music to keep me motivated!

Wednesday morning
Gym session
Another resistance session.
10 mins warm up on treadmill
Single Arm DB Row - 3 x 15 (17.6lb)
Bench chest press - 3 x 15 (17.6lb)
Body weight squat with Swiss ball - 2 x 20 (10lb)
DB Static Lunge - 2 x 15 (10lb)
DB Side Lateral Raise - 1 x 12; 1 x 15 (8lb)
DB Biceps Curl - 2 x 15 (10lb)
Triceps Cable pushdown - 2 x 15 (25kg)
Abs - 3 x 15 crunches; 3 x 15 reverse crunches

Yoga Session
We had a lot of "active rest" poses tonight at yoga in the attempt to teach us to concentrate only on our breath and not allow outside stimuli to interfere. I had a hectic day at work and am so tired and during the rest poses I had to concentrate on not falling asleep. Only three people turned up for the class and it was very embarrassing when my stomach rumbled loudly in the deathly silence. It was difficult to pretend it wasn't me when there were so few of us! I was obviously very hungry! When I emerged into the freezing night it was to discover that some smart idiot had taken a couple of odd shoes, mine being one of them. It was so cold in bare feet but some kind person investigated the road and found my shoe and one other belonging to the other person so that saved hopping to the car in the freezing conditions!

Tomorrow I'm meeting CJ for brekkie and after work is speedygeoff's training session. I need sleep right now!

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