Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

Well, not literally, but it is very wet out there. In fact I turned up at Dickson Oval early (yes, ten minutes early in spite of the rain) to find one other car there with Neil inside. As speedygeoff is interstate Neil had been nominated to take our training group and I had been nominated to take the roll! We sat in our respective cars and talked through the windows as we watched the rain come down in buckets and the oval become muddier and muddier. Then Ken arrived followed by Mr B but that was all and so it was easy to make an executive decision to cancel training. In fact we were very surprised that the oval hadn't been closed in this weather. There was not a single person on it so obviously everybody's training had been cancelled. I do know that if it had been an event the rain would not have stopped those vetrunners but I must admit I was relieved that I was off the hook and didn't have to stand out in the rain ticking off names!!

Fortunately I did go for a short swim this morning with CJ and I felt I could swim further but time was an issue. Next week I'll have to start earlier. CJ is in the shower before I'm out of the pool!

Activity: Swim
Distance: 700metres
Time: Slow!

Followed by, you guessed it, brekkie with CJ and Mr B!

Last night at my yoga class my teacher, Polly, asked me if I used to be a swimmer (lol - she obviously has never seen the way I swim). I responded that I swim but this is recent and I would never class myself as a "swimmer". The question was asked because I have a bit of discomfort round my neck when I do shoulder stands and it could be because of swimming apparently - not so in my case I can guarantee that. I imagine it's just old age!!


  1. Cancel training! You could have ducked up to the PH carpark!

    Running shoes and Forerunner Man were the first items packed, closely followed by the camera. Don't get too fast while I'm away!

  2. I don't know! My back is turned and look what happens! Graeme, Trevor and I would have run for sure! What a wimpy lot! It was 22 degrees here in Brisbane today, fine sunny and still, and I still ran!

    At least you turned up strewth, that counts, well done.

  3. Strewth, was raining cats and dogs I think but good to see. I managed to get in my run this morning without getting too wet. Discretion is always the better part of valor I have said. Just imagine what it would have been like running in cold, wet socks. Yuck!