Monday, May 29, 2006

More Hills at Parliament House

Distance: 8km
Calories: 424
Time of session: 46mins

Session: Warm-up loop of Parliament House, stretching, more warm-up to Rose Garden where we ran a practice loop of the 800m hill course.

Main set: 3 x 800m hilly sprints
3 x 400m hilly sprints

Warm down loop of Parliament House

Comments: It was barely 3deg tonight - brrrr! This morning it was minus 3 so I guess the plus was better than the minus! It was cold but with all those hills we soon warmed up and stripped off the long sleeved tops! It was a good training session - lots of hills sure, but this time most of us had torches, in fact lots of us had torches on our heads, like the miners wear. They are very effective and it helped considerably to light the way in the dark. It certainly helps to see where you are going! Those hill sprints sure are killers but I'm sure they build stamina and leg strength! There were about 20 people at speedygeoff's training in spite of the cold weather. Hardy people, these runners!


  1. Yes, much tougher than those triathletes who cycle on windtrainers and swim in heated pools ;)

  2. I don't know how you do it!! Barely 3 degrees....& I thought it was cold here! You certainly are real hardy people!