Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lack of Motivation, a Sore Leg, Lovely Dinner and a Great Yoga Class!

I don't have much to say tonight. It's already Wednesday and I have done very little since Sunday in the way of training. My left leg has really been sore and this morning I visited the physio for some intensive treatment. It hurt heaps but helped loosen it up for a while although later in the day it started hurting again. She worked on the glutes, hamstrings and ITB area in the left side as she is trying to pinpoint the problem. I have another appointment next week.

Dinner on Monday night with speedygeoff's training groups was a lot of fun. We dined at a Thai restaurant and the company and food was lovely. More than 30 of us turned up. It was a very pleasant alternative to training!

Tonight I had a really good yoga session, the best part being we had some very intensive hamstring stretches - very appropriate timing! Tomorrow I will attempt speedygeoff's Dickson oval training session after work. I'm a bit worried about my leg but I'm also worried that I'm having too long a break! I need some more motivation. I really don't like this blobby feeling so I may just start a new approach next week. I will work on the "new me"!!


  1. Oh Strewth, really hope you find your motivation back. Thought you guys never suffer of things like this... maybe you still needed some more rest after the marathon training and your legs is just helping you yo achieve it!!

    I will check how you build this new you!!

  2. I hope I can keep up with the 'new me' on our warm-down runs. Don't mention glutes too loudly or you'll be receiving butt jokes.

    Monday night was a very pleasant reward after training.

  3. Good to see you out running well tonight, complete with CR gear!Sorry we couldn't talk more, but I had no breath left!

  4. You didn't train Monday night but. You shouldn't be sore butt. Or are your sides hurting from laughing too much at Gormsby?

    I thought that was the new you I have been seeing running. Hold the newer you, the new you is OK. Trust me.