Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mr B is my Hero!

Event: Canberra Half Marathon

Distance: 21.1km
Time taken: 2hours and 36seconds
Average pace per km: 5:41
Calories burned: 1237

Photo Two: John S, Strewth, Mr B and CJ

Comments: It was a superb morning in Canberra today - ideal conditions for running a Half Marathon by the lake. I ran most of the run with Flashduck. She was great company and kept me going. Trouble is I wasn't at my best and at the 17km mark I just couldn't keep up the pace and had to let her go. I came in just over a minute behind her not quite making the 2 hour mark which was a bit disappointing. However this was more than compensated by the fact that Mr B ran an awesome time for his first half marathon of 1hour 43mins. He was really happy and so was I. To think that he started running at age 55 and has been running for less than a year. He used to consider running was a terrible idea - now he's well and truly hooked. Running has that effect on people!! Aki ran an 8 minute PB - her improvement is amazing.

Today, being Mothers' Day, we joined the rest of the family at the Botanical Gardens for lunch including a glass or two of wine. It was just lovely - still sunny and pleasant so we sat outside which meant that Talia (age 3) could run around happily. It has been such a lovely relaxing afternoon. We were there until 5pm and Mr B managed to squeeze in a nap before a light tea. Now we're watching "Love Actually" on telly - a really feel-good movie. We also had a Baileys and a tim tam - ho hum! Tomorrow night is the dinner with speedygeoff's training group - a lovely alternative to running at Parliament House!


  1. It is always so exciting for me to see your photos!! Great to be able to sustain the pace for 17 km, still for one minute the slow down wasn't a great difference.

    How great to start running and run a first half like that at 55 age!! Maybe I should wait until that!! Congratulation for him!!

    Of course you shuld come to visit to, let's make the dream come true!

  2. It was really good to have Mr B out there today. The encouragement he provided me with was great, yet I had no idea that I passed him along the way...

    You're time's not too bad, it sounds like you had a great time anyway which is what the true focus is, of course it's easier to say that when you've run good.

  3. I'm terribly disappointed Strewth. Knowing your love of 0.01 I expected you to run 2:00:01, not 2:00:38.

    Great photos - what a day and location!

  4. It was a great day for a run and certainly meant that everyone stayed around after the event.

    The photos show why Canberra is a great place to run.