Saturday, May 13, 2006

Last Little Run Before the Half

I just ran a gentle 3km at 9am this morning to stretch my legs and oh boy if it's that cold at the same time tomorrow for the Half I will turn blue! I wore leggings and a long sleeve top with a sleeveless windbreaker on top and it took me most of the session before I could feel my fingers! I think I may wear gloves tomorrow as the overnight forecast is for zero!! I am not hoping for a great time but it's all about doing it. Mr B will be running his first ever half marathon and I hope it will be a great experience for him.

I realise I forgot to say I went to yoga on Wed night and we had the teacher who I had in my very first Beginners' class - Polly. There are only 8 of us registered in this class and 5 of us turned up on Wed. It's good having such individual attention. This intensive stretching is very good for me as I am not very good when it comes to stretching after training.

Mothers' Day tomorrow and after the Half Marathon all our family is going to lunch at the restaurant at the Botanical Gardens. It will be lovely and hopefully we will have sunshine like today. Happy Mothers' Day to all those who celebrate Mothers' Day tomorrow.


  1. Gloves? When you finish at 10:49 am it will be too warm for gloves.

  2. Best wishes for tomorrow, especially Mr B. on his first half. He shall have a great one.

  3. You aussie mothers know how to celebrate! I want to celebrate too!

    Happy mother's day!!

  4. Waiting for you report Strewth. Where the bloody hell is it! T-shirt and shorts weather this morning.

  5. You've inspired Mr B to a great run in the Half today.

    And you've done well, maybe not as good as you would have liked, but still pretty good.