Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hills, Hills and More Hills!!

Distance: 11.22km
Time taken: 1hour 12minutes
Calories burned: 723
Location: Oakey Hill, Weston

This morning Mr B and I decided to go to the familiarisation run for a new course for the Vets' Handicap next Sunday. It started at 9am under clouds but turned out to be a lovely sunny day. The course was very very hilly (surprise surprise) and the ground was uneven and stony - off-road of course but definitely a case of watching the footing. Quite a large group of us turned up including the two Barbaras. After the 7.5km actual race course a few hardy stayers decided to run another 4km. I joined them. Big mistake! The start of that extra bit was the steepest hill of the lot. Admittedly at the top the view was magnificent and I was sorry I didn't have a camera! This was only a practise run so Kiwi Barbara and I ran it slowly - not that I felt capable of running it fast! Gee it was so steep and rough - will be interesting next weekend when we attempt it again at the actual event.
After our run the two Barbaras, GS, Mr B and I went for coffee in Babars in Woden. Now that was definitely well-earned!

Thursday - speedygeoff's Training at Dickson Oval

Distance: 8km
Calories: 487
Interval training

Session: Tonight I was almost on time and could sight the runners in the distance. Fortunately I had company and Pam and I ran as fast as possible to catch the others still managing to complete the correct distance for the warm-up. After meeting the others and stretching we took off for another loop of the oval before our main set:
9 x 400m (200m fast, 100m slow x 12 times).
3 x 400m (100m fast, 200m slow x 4).
After this we ran another warm-down full loop of the oval. My only problem was that I had to run to the loo as I had a dodgy tummy so I missed one of the 400m loops in the first set.

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  1. Looks like your motivation is back, how nice to have a partner to go to run those hills, it is just what I need today!