Monday, May 08, 2006

Speedygeoff takes it easy!

Distance: 6.76km
Calories: 378

Session: Two warm-up loops of Parliament House then we ran down to the fitness track where we split up and those who chose ran some more loops at different paces and four of us ran with speedygeoff round the fitness track three times carrying out all the instructions on the way - stopping to do sit ups, chin-ups (attempts), push ups, leg stretches etc. We also ran a couple of loops of the oval afterwards before running a warm-down loop round Parliament House again. It was a very cold night after a very cold day (only reaching 12degrees maximum during the day and much cooler at night with a wind chill factor making it seem much colder) and although we warmed up I still wore gloves, leggings and a long sleeved top for the entire session! It was a comfortably easy session as speedygeoff was suffering from an injury so took it gently - no complaints from me!

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  1. It was too cold for me to go out for a run. It was meant to be a long run,but the biting wind made me postpone it until Thursday.