Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Long Slow Run on a Beautiful Autumn Morning (emphasis on the "slow")

Distance: 20:14
Time: 2hrs 5mins
Calories burned: 1151
Average speed per km: 6:13

Comments: John S, Marg, Mr B and I met at CJ's place in Turner at 9am from where we ran to Lake BG and round the lake and back to her place in Turner. CJ and Mr B ran ahead while JS, Marg and I ran at a much slower pace having a good chat on the way. It was a lovely sunny autumn morning with no wind and perfect conditions for a run with the still lake and the orange and brown leaves, but I still felt slow and found the distance quite challenging. This is my longest run since the ultra and my left hamstring hurt and I really didn't run my best. However, the company was great and after the run we went to Black Pepper for coffee and brekkie - yum. After that we went to the markets for fruit and veges and bumped into CJ again with Mr CJ so that meant more coffee - good too!

We were lucky to run when we did as the wind picked up in the early afternoon and it was quite cool in the shade.


  1. and thank goodness we weren't planning on running on Sunday!

  2. Hope that hamstring is fine soon!

    Going slowly also pays off, tell meeee!!!

  3. Yes, Sunday was the pits everywhere! 20:14 instead of 20.01 kilometres?!