Thursday, May 11, 2006

Training on the Oval

Distance: 7.11km
Calories burned: 425

Session: I was running a bit late after work and was caught in the traffic on the way to speedygeoff's Dickson Oval session. Every traffic light was against me and I missed the first warm-up loop. However Mr B had just arrived on his bike and we were on time for the next warm-up loop before starting the session.

Warm-up: - 1 large loop of full oval
Main set: 7 x [80secs fast: 160secs slow]
Warm down: 1 large loop of full oval

It was hard trying to run my fastest for the 7 x 80secs part not helped by the fact that I still have a very sore left hamstring. I can start fast but have difficulty maintaining the pace and by the 7th time I was running out of puff! I'm sure the speed sessions are good for me however! It was a good long break between each 80secs. I stayed with Marg and Jenny (who lives in Sydney during the week as she goes to Uni there). The three of us ran at a similar pace for that distance and it was good motivation to push myself.

Tonight I keep nodding off every time I sit down. It's taken me ages to write this blog as I keep falling asleep in the middle of a sentence. I must go to bed!


  1. Speed work with company, sounds nice!

    Hope you rest well! :)

  2. At least I'm not falling asleep reading it.

    Glad you didn't nod off during the 160secs slow!

  3. Isn't that just the pits.

    When you're rushing, you catch every red traffic light.

    When you're early, you catch all the green lights.

  4. i knew green was faster than red. And some people still avoid green running shoes! Even those with large collections.