Tuesday, May 02, 2006

speedygeoff's session - Monday

Location: Parliament House
Distance: 9.2km
Calories burned: 333 for the first 6km before Gandalf lost the satellite!
Fastest km: 5mins

Session: I nearly missed it! I was held up at work and arrived about 5 minutes after the start and there was not a runner in sight. I grabbed my little torch, forgot my cap and took off in the usual direction and ran straight round Parliament House without the little side detours as I wanted to catch the group. It took a whole loop then there they were at the top of the stairs stretching. Woo hoo - I was so pleased as I didn't much fancy running on my own up there. We ran another loop of Parliament House then it started to drizzle and speedygeoff hesitated but decided to risk the onslaught of rain and we ran the stretch down to the road and up the grass facing Parliament House. We managed this about 4 times before we trotted down the steps to the underground carpark. That was 6km and at that stage Gandalf went on strike as we were underground and he lost the satelite! However speedygeoff assures me that our next loops were 350m. We sprinted the 100m uphill bit then ran the rest of the loop a little more gently repeating this 5 times. We then did a cool-down run in the opposite direction 4 times. It was a good session although I'm still struggling with this cold.

I must tell a little story about what "almost" happened to me today. I belong to a schoolfriends site on the web and recently had email contact with somebody in the same class as me in Year 4 (age 10) in NZ at Primary School. Mr B went to high school with him so was interested when he sent me an email on Sunday to say he would be in Canberra for a few hours only for a board meeting today. He telephoned me from Sydney last night to confirm the arrangement of meeting briefly for lunch after his meeting at 11.30am. He had to be at the airport for his return flight to NZ at 2pm so there was a small window of opportunity there. I found an old school photo (now we are talking 46 years ago here I might add) and I realised we were only in the same class for that one year (1960). That little dark haired boy in the back row and the little girl in the front row with long plaits might look slightly different since then!! Mr B was going to come and join us for lunch. We were really quite excited. At 11.15am I had a phone call to say that H was still sitting on the plane as Canberra Airport was closed all morning as there was a long queue of planes arriving as this morning we had a very foggy start to the day. So the meeting never did eventuate as time ran out! Maybe next time? In the meantime there is a school reunion over there next Easter - maybe we should go if it doesn't clash with the marathon!! The world is becoming smaller every day.

Tonight (Tuesday) I have such a sore throat. It's been gradually feeling worse all day - not encouraging! Tomorrow night I return to yoga.


  1. Bloody Canberra fog!

    My sore throat turned into the cold to end all colds Strewth - be careful. Cold and flu tablets with zinc!

    Gandalf always was the outdoor type.

  2. a few of us are fighting off colds. i must say the damp conditions yesterday didn't help much. but i am feeling ok today.