Thursday, May 25, 2006

Too Much Birthday!!

And boy did I feel it at training tonight! I felt sluggish and blobby and oh so slow! I arrived 15 minutes late as I was caught in that wretched peak hour traffic again and missed the first warm-up lap. However I was on time for the 2nd warm-up lap and after stretching it was onto the track for relay teams of two - a fast runner teamed with a slow runner. In my case I was partnered with the fastest runner in our group and I am probably the slowest runner so it meant not a lot of rest break for little old me! There were about 25 people at the session and I caught up with quite a few runners who I hadn't seen for ages which was great.

Distance: 6:21km
Calories burned: 393

Session: Relay teams of two with a baton. First runner ran 600metres anti-clockwise while the second runner ran slowly for 200m to meet up on the other side of the track to have the baton passed to them.

5 x [600m fast; 200m slow]

I felt like a slow slug although I ran as fast as my poor little legs would go. The first 400m in each loop felt ok but then I slowed down for the last 200m and found it really hard. I'm sure I'll run faster when I'm not carrying all this cake and chocolate inside me! However the company was good and the evening was really quite pleasant, not as cold as it has been lately.


  1. Hope you enjoy the coffee before the "new you".

    Great effort there!

  2. Hey Strewth – I see Runner Susan – you know the one who comments on everyone in the whole world - has specially linked to you and CJ from
    her website. You are famous!! She sure knows how to identify the nicest people.

    In the relay, is it true that your other runner ran his recoveries by "jogging" alongside you as you ran your fast intervals?

    You are doing so well, you will out-run that young husband of yours soon.

  3. Hi Strewth, just wanted to say hello after meeting today at the Vets handicap. A great day for running and it was really nice to catch up with old and new friends.

  4. You are now in team 'M'. That's M for Moore Chocolate.