Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dickson Oval Training with the Birthday Boy and The Need for Speed!

Tonight Mr B and I decided to attend speedygeoff's Thursday training group session. There were about 20 of us meeting together at Dickson Oval with speedygeoff taking the group in spite of the fact that today is his birthday! He never lets his training groups down.

Distance: 8.64km
Calories burned: 514

Session: We did two full loops of the oval and then we divided into teams of three with speedygeoff and Colin running separately as a back-up in case of drop-outs which of course there weren't! He chose 6 team captains and gave them a baton each (I was one of the lucky chosen ones!) and we selected two other team members. I chose Caroline and Marg.

The captain with the baton had to run 400m on the marked course in the fourth lane as fast as possible while the other team members jogged gently round the sixth lane or up and down in the case of team member two until it was their turn. The goal was to each run fast for a 400m lap passing the baton to the next runner then slow for a 400m lap repeating this six times but our team only managed it five times before the whistle was blown as the leaders had finished. We then ran another warm down loop of the full oval. It was good to be back training on a marked course. This is the first time I have run in the Thursday group and I would like to continue providing I can leave work on time. I do enjoy running with company and speed sessions are necessary if I am to become faster. Thanks speedygeoff for giving up valuable birthday time to take our group. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your well-deserved birthday dinner.


  1. Relays are fun! Geoff wanted to justify the calories in the cake.

    I hope the cold is improving.

  2. not to mention the calories in the toblerone a certain goose gave me to nobble me for the half marathon