Thursday, June 15, 2006

Brrrrr - it's soooo cold!

It was minus 7 degrees as I drove to the gym yesterday (Wednesday). I was glad I was going to a gym session and not out there running but I would rather have been snuggled up in bed.

5 mins warm-up on bike
3 x 15 Single Arm DB Row
3 x 15 chest press
2 x 20 body squats with Swiss ball
2 x 15 static lunges with DumbBells
2 x 15 DB side lateral raises (I find this one really hard and have to use light weights)
2 x 15 DB Biceps Curl
2 x 15 Triceps Cable pushdown
Stretches between each set

Yoga - This session was really good as we did heaps and heaps of stretches and held them for ages - painful, yes, but felt great anyway. Just as I'm getting the hang of this and feeling comfortable our instructor is suggesting moving up a level next term as I've been in the Beginner Classes long enough now!

Activity: Swim
Distance: 700m

A very short swim due to the fact that I arrived at the pool later than planned. It was a bleak foggy morning and not conducive to swimming but the water was like a warm bath and I was sorry I hadn't started earlier. I felt really comfortable and if time had permitted feel confident I could have swum much further. The brekkie later with CJ was lovely, as was the company of course.

After Work
Activity: Running with speedygeoff's training group
Locality: Dickson Oval
Distance: Approx 7.5km
Calories: 430

Warm-up of two long loops of entire oval then we ran 3 x 1km on 10mins. There were only 11 of us at the session braving the freezing conditions. The grass had that glistening look of frost about to happen and it was slightly slippery. However, it didn't stop those fast runners from making good times on their 1km sprints.

My 1km times were very slow compared with everyone else. They were 5:19, 5:22, 5:23. Mr B's times were much better - 4:27, 4:17 and 4:06. I have been easing off the running lately and it shows!

Gee, I wish the weather would warm up!!

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