Friday, June 09, 2006

Woo hoo it's Friday!

Yay, the long weekend is here. How lovely to have a little break. Sam and his mum went home from the hospital today and all is well.

Activity - Windtrainer
Session: 5 mins warm up
7 x [1 min moderate/2 mins hard]
5 mins cool down
Total: 31 mins.

Stretches. Happy Queen's Birthday weekend everybody!! Stay safe.


  1. Happy weekend to you too Strewth!

  2. Just saw the post on Geoff's blog, congrats heaps! But I still suspect you're too young to be a grandma and are impersonating it so the vets won't catch on to your real age. ;)

    Your secret's safe with me! :p

  3. Yes it is great to have a long weekend and I am enjoying it too. Like Aki, I can't believe your a grandmum. The good Kiwi genes must have something to do with it.