Saturday, June 10, 2006

Long Run Just Before the Rain!

Yes, it's been raining all afternoon - beautiful, steady rain which we need so desperately. Maybe it will green the place up a bit.

Activity: Run
Distance: 15:56km
Time Taken: 1:37:38
Calories: 897
Average pace per km: 6:17

Comments: I met up with the two Barbs and Marg at 8.30am at the yacht club and from there we ran the loop of Lake Burley Griffin. It was a cool cloudy morning but not freezing and in fact perfect conditions for a long slow chatty run. I ran the first half with kiwi Barb and the second half with Marg. We saw a number of cyclists but not many runners out there but the rain held off until we went for coffee afterwards at Yarralumla. We spent nearly two hours over that coffee just talking. It was so relaxing and pleasant.

Later Mr B and I went shopping and bought lots of goodies before visiting Sam and his very happy family. Tomorrow we're taking Talia to the movies to see the animated movie "Cars". That should be fun! It was a good day.


  1. How nice to know you had a wonderful day. I bet the positive energy comes from the long run!!

  2. Same here for the weather, Strewth! Lots of wonderful rain, green fields etc.....but COLD. How lucky is Ewen to be away from it all!

    Good run at 6:17 pace...seems like speeding to me!!