Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Applying the 10% Rule!

This morning I trotted out for a 13.2km run (adding 10% carefully on to my 12km) as follows:

Distance: 13.2km
Time taken: 1:22:58
Average pace per km: 6:17
Calories burned: 790

It was quite a pleasant morning for a run but I didn't leave home untl 6am and as a consequence it was a bit of a rush to make it to work just a little late eating a breakfast bar on the way. I was up early enough, I just took too long to get out that door!


  1. My junior encyclopedia of wildlife says it is turkeys that trot. Do you have a reference for geese being allowed to trot under exceptional circumstances? Speedychief suggests (strongly) you waddle from now on.

  2. So you'll be up to 15.972k by the weekend :)