Monday, February 25, 2008

A New Week Begins

6.15am - Gym
RPM - 45mins of blood, sweat and tears (or it felt like that anyway)!!

5.30pm - speedygeoff's group at Parliament House
Distance: 10km

Rachelle and I didn't manage an early warm-up tonight but as it happened we had a longer warm down after the main session making a total of 10km for training which was a good amount for a Monday. We ran the usual warm-up loop of PH then headed down to the lower grassy bank in front of PH. There we ran loops of 40secs fast and 80secs slow repeating this 12 times. Of course Murphy's Law dictated that for more than half of those 40secs fast I ended up at the start of the uphill slope! I was careful not to push too hard but I did make an effort and it felt like hard work. The warm down was a run down to the lake and back up to the start. It was a good session with great company. Tomorrow morning I visit Jimmy at the Clinic. My hammie is still very tight but so much better than before.

1 comment:

  1. I switched to 40secs slow and 80secs slower :)

    Say g'day to Jimmy for me. Remember this time to tell him it's your hammie and not your groinie.

    And I bet it was Rachelle's fault you missed the early warm-up because she took 15 minutes to change!