Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gold Star from Jimmy!

This morning before work I visited Jimmy at the clinic and he was very pleased with my progress. He gave me a solid half hour of intensive treatment, including the elbow massage and the groin (hip flexor) prod. It hurt but it was good pain and I felt quite good later. He has set me a few more exercises which I will endeavour to do each evening. I am now allowed to do some speedwork but only on the flat, no hill sprints just yet. Wonder if speedycoach will take any notice of aforesaid statement!!

This evening after work I went for a swim.
Distance: 1km
Time taken: 29:27
I know I'm slow but I was pleased because at least it was under 30mins.


  1. The last two week's training was flat! We are not running hills until winter.

  2. Mmmm, 6pm, you and Margaret should be running through the wetlands by now :)

    Flat on Monday? Not if every lap you fluked having the 'fast' whistle blow at the bottom of that hill. Or was it a gentle rise?