Saturday, February 09, 2008

Slowly but Surely!

Now just for the benefit of Ewen I will explain that the 10% rule I was given only applies every second time I do a longish run. In other words I have been told that I must run approximately the same distance twice before increasing my distance (not speed) by 10%. Thus it was that this morning I increased my distance and must repeat this distance before increasing it again. Phew! It was a really cool day today barely reaching 20deg but this made for pleasant running.

Distance: 16km -yay! (I admit this is a tad more than a 10% increase!)
Time taken: 1:44 (oh dear)
Average pace per km: 6:30 (oh dear, dear, dear!)
Calories burned: 960

I actually enjoyed this run and wasn't really too worried about that slow time as at least I am now running 16km with very little discomfort (and very little speed but you can't have everything). Later in the morning I met up with CJ for a lovely long lunch at Black Pepper - a popular spot where a number of friends drifted in and out (including speedygoose Kathy with her Geoff) in the 2 hour time period while we lingered over lunch and coffee.


  1. Ah, now I understand. Stop right there - I don't want to be running more than 16k!

    2 hours. Is that all? Surely a PB for lunch and coffee?

  2. I like that 10% rule & think it's a good idea. Don't stress about the pace - it will come back!

  3. Lunch sounded brilliant, Strewth! I know I don't get to do it often enough...I'll have to return to Canberra to enjoy one of those long lunch breaks.

    Take care with your return to running. Why does it take so long for Ewen to understand??

  4. I never suceeded in applying the 10% rule, I was always late with my schedule for some reason.

  5. i think you increased your lunchtime by more than 10%.

    i also think it's cute that you listen to ewen. i thought that went out with the zoot suit.

  6. Don't call that slow! My long runs average at 8 min per k pace. Go Ruth!

  7. Nothing cute about it Katy. Grasshoppers always listen to Masters.