Monday, February 18, 2008

The Blogging Week's Update

I have been very slack with my blogging but that bossy Ewen has talked me into an update! I tried not to listen Katie, truly but my conscience won me over!

Sunday 10 Feb
Cycle 20km

Monday 11 Feb
Morning 6.15am - RPM
Afternoon 5.30pm - speedygeoff’s group PH - Run

Warm-up 1.5km with Rachelle then warm-up loop of PH with main group. Main set –
we paired up with someone of a similar pace (Kelley decided she wanted to run slowly so she was happy to be my partner) then speedygeoff took us over the course of what was to be the "fast" loop followed by a "recovery" loop...the aim was to work hard for 20 minutes completing as many loops as possible... we finished with a warm down loop which included running up the grassy slope of Parliament House to admire the view from the top!
Distance: 10:11
Calories burned: 580

Tuesday 12 Feb
6.15am – Swimming 1km – 30mins

Wednesday 13 Feb
6pm – Run – Towards Gungahlin through tunnel along cycle track on grassy verge
Distance: 16km
Time taken: 1hr:41:55
Average pace per km: 6:22
Calories burned: 960

Friday 15 FebRPM

Saturday 16 FebRun – From home to Lake G and round lake and home via Giralang
Distance: 17.6km
Time taken: 1hr:52:54
Average pace per km: 6:25
Calories burned: 1046
In the afternoon we visited friends for a game of bocce (French boules) in their backyard aided with a glass of wine or two. It was such fun then in the evening we shared the birthday celebrations of Marg and Gwen - lovely company and very enjoyable.

Happy Birthday Marg and Gwen
With "the birthday twins" and Jen Graeme and Mr B

Sunday 17 Feb
Cycle 20km
A great weekend was topped off nicely when a group of us met at Tilleys for coffee and a lovely wind down catching up on all the news. What stunning weather we enjoyed this weekend.
Monday 18 Feb
6.15am - RPM
5.30pm – speedygeoff’s group at PH - Run
Distance: 10:6km
Rachelle and I did a short warm-up of 1.55km before joining the main group when we ran another warm-up loop of PH before heading down below the oval where everybody ran as fast as possible (some of us still ran slowly) for 40secs in one direction before turning and running gently back to the start and running fast in the other direction for 40secs. This we repeated 6 times before running up to the road level where we did the same thing all over again. We followed this with a warm down loop of PH. The temp was a pleasant 25deg but it felt hotter! It was actually quite a stunning evening, still and beautiful.


  1. You always get the best partners. I had to put up with speedy Rachellie.

    Do you think Katy would accuse me of being gay if I wanted a blue shirt like that?

  2. your times should be getting faster as you're on a slippery slope now. listening to ewen. it's like all that stuff your parents taught you ... whoosh! down the tube.

    (i like that shirt. i also know that ewen couldn't keep it that bright. pah!)