Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunshine keeps me smiling!

Friday (I love Fridays) :)
Gym -RPM
Ok, so RPM is jolly hard work but I do love Fridays cos I know that once that session is finished I don't run after work and at the end of the day it's the weekend. It was especially good today cos I attended a Planning Day out of the office and an absolutely delicious lunch was provided!
Saturday (today) - Morning Run
Distance: 17.6km
Time taken: 1hr:50:15
Average pace per km: 6:16
Calories burned: 1042
Location: From home to and round Lake G and back via Giralang

Yay, I just checked and when I ran this same run last weekend I was 2mins slower and the average pace was 6:25 - woo hoo! On my return journey this morning I glanced sideways to see a whole field of kangaroos of all sizes watching me curiously. There were so many of them.
I'm running the Vets Handicap run tomorrow and of course it will be very slow as I haven't been doing any speedwork at all but I don't want to miss any more. The company is great and if I don't turn up to run I don't qualify for points. It's a gorgeous day in Canberra today - bright and sunny with a little wind - great weather for drying washing and for running! Hope it's like this tomorrow too.


  1. Excuse me! Didn't look like "very slow" when I saw you this morning. You were flying down that bike path trying to hold off CJ.

    Hope you had a piece of carrot cake and ice cream for me at coffee afterwards.

  2. Sorry to hear Canberra marathon is not happening for you this year. Perhaps you can keep me company cheering on Mr lulu! Let's hope Jimmy can fix the injury for you.