Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another Run Bites the Dust!

This morning Mr B kept me company for 13km of my scheduled long run. It is a gorgeous Autumn day today. Certainly we started off with long sleeved tops but by 5km mine was tied round my waist as the sun was streaming down. The leaves were really pretty hues of brown and gold and it was very pleasant til I stopped at the 2hour 41mins mark to walk the rest of the way as that was my scheduled time. At that point my legs just burned with pain for the last 2km walking. On arrival at home I took advice from Two Fruits and filled a large tub with cold water and stood in it til the pain subsided. Cold is good! I feel better now and ready to prepare for the family dinner this evening - looks like a bbq might be a goer!
Distance: 27km
Time taken: 2:41:30
Calories burned: 1592
Average pace per km: 5:58


  1. Sounds like a good run. Wasn't it a lovely day in Canberra today.

  2. It was almost too hot! I even took my shirt off so as not to appear wuzzy.