Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm Still Breathing (just)!

Yesterday Rachelle and I drove to Dickson for a session like last week's. We missed the first half of the warm-up but managed to join in as the others were returning from their long warm-up loop and run the second shorter loop of the oval. The main set was 12 x 100m slow/200m fast. Then we finished with another warm-down loop of the large oval. There were ten of us at training although a few had to leave before the warm-down. It was a very chilly night but we did strip down to singlet tops for the sprints and I definitely ran my hardest, completed the session and was not last to finish - that's always a bonus! Neil took our session tonight as speedygeoff is still galavanting, currently in Adelaide, celebrating his big forthcoming 60th birthday!
Total distance: 7.3km
This morning it was a trip to the gym for an RPM/Spin session. We had a stand-in instructor and if you have watched The Biggest Loser you will understand what I mean when I say she reminded me of the Commando. OMG - she worked us sooooo hard and the music was soooo loud and the beat so fast. We spent a lot of the session climbing hills (that is, standing on the bike and pushing in a very hard gear) - but up, down, up, down to the beat very quickly. We did not even draw breath, no gaps between tracks at all, for the full 45 mins. I thought our usual instructor was hard but oh boy, she has nothing on Sophie - ouch!


  1. Thanks for dissin' me about my tracky dacks. To show I'm tougher than Sophie, next week I'll be wear'n Speedos and sunscreen!

  2. Sounds like a serious spin session; you've got to love a session like that.. don't you :)