Monday, May 12, 2008

A New Week Begins - Parliament House Sprints

After a late night I found it very difficult to roll out of bed and go to the gym for an RPM class. I turned the alarm off and dozed off for a minute but managed to arrive at my class just in time for the last bike - in the back row! RPM is lots of hard work and never feels easier but after a shower it feels like a good way to start the day. After work it was training at Parliament House with speedygeoff back in charge.
A couple of warm-up loops followed by a main set made up of:
8 x 80secs sprints and when the whistle blew at the end of the 80secs we jogged slowly back to the start within 4 minutes.
Then another warm-down loop of PH.
Total distance: 8km exactly!


  1. You did an RPM class before work & then an interval session after work? Wow, you are a machine! that RPM class alone would have been more than enough to crush any mere mortal, myself included! :-)

  2. I think Jen needs to HTFU.

    Notice how I always get in the back row on Monday nights ;)