Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gods' in His heaven, all's right with the world!

What an absolute stunner of a day it was today - just perfect for a run. I didn't set off until 10am and the sun was warm by then. I decided to try quite a different course and ran from home past the AIS and through the stunning tree-lined back streets of O'Connor where the Autumn leaves were magnificent oranges, golds and browns. I just love this time of year in Canberra especially on a day like today, not a breath of wind, just a clear blue sky and sunshine but not too hot - a pleasant 20deg by the middle of the day - just beautiful. I ran on to Lake Burley Griffin and ran the 16km loop of the lake from the ferry terminal. The plan was to run 2hrs 40mins but I underestimated the distance especially as I ran a bit of a convoluting course, being me and always becoming lost wherever I go! However, I ran towards home via Lyneham and having reached Tilleys at the 30km mark I stopped! After all Tilleys is one of the best coffee spots in Canberra in my opinion and I had a few dollars in my bottle bag, just enough for raisin toast and a coffee. Boy was it good!! I also drank oodles of water. When I reached the ferry terminal on my return journey round the lake I refilled all my drink bottles and drank every one. At Tilleys I had several more glasses. Now, whether this had anything to do with the cocktail party I attended last night or whether it was my cold dehydrating me or indeed the beautiful sunshine, who knows but I obviously needed to hydrate heaps which I did! I also called a friend who met me at Tilleys and drove me home - phew, I didn't have to walk the extra 5km - my legs had definitely had enough although I have had no ill effects afterwards and feel surprisingly good. Woo hoo!
Distance: 30km
Time taken: 2:58:18
Average pace per km: 5:56
Calories burned: 1755
Best km: 5:38


  1. Well done, great day, good run. Just stay off those bike paths.

  2. I'd say it was a stunning stunner of a day! 20C when I ran just before 3pm - almost tempted to take off the T-shirt :)

    30k at sub-6 - Woo hoo!