Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Cold Start for the Canberra Half Marathon

Indeed, the morning was very cold but NO rain, NO snow, at least where we ran. The wind was strong in places but it was manageable and it was fantastic to be out there amongst it with all those awesome runners and to catch up with just so many lovely running friends. Mr B ran a PB by 20secs in 1hr41:28, Kelly ran 1hr35mins which boggles my mind! The awesome CJ ran 1hr39mins, Gary ran 1:38:54 and our speedycoach ran 1:30:30. I felt good, I enjoyed it, I listened to my ipod on the way but could still chat to people as I had it turned quite low. It was exciting on the home stretch just to squeeze past Caroline by a few seconds - woo hoo! At the finish I cooled down very quickly and needed to pile on the warmer clothing. It was bitterly cold but the sun was shining and that was so much more than we expected. I am one very happy vegemite and the best part is I won my age group which meant I received a medal and a $20voucher from the Runners' Shop - yay! And then Mr B won a barrel draw and received a subscription to Runners World and a $30 voucher to the Runners Shop. Woo hoo!! All the speedygeese competitors ran well (obviously something to do with our speedycoach) and it was a fantastic morning. Well done too to those who ran the 5km on half marathon eve especially Ewen who ran a great time of 21:45 - awesome!

Total distance: 21.1km
Time taken: 1:55:05
Average pace per km: 5:27
Place in age group: 1st
Calories burned: 1244
Best km: 5:15

Some Splits:
1km: 5:25
5km - 27:36
10km: 54:51
15km: 1:21:48
20km: 1:49:06
21.1km: 1:55:05

Friday I did go to the Spin class at the Gym. It appears to be permanently a spin instead of RPM class on Fridays now and it's very tough but I'm confident that the leg work is helping make me stronger on the hills and there were certainly a few hills out there today!


  1. That's sensational; congratulations on your bling. I hope you rewarded yourself with some chocolate to celebrate :-)

  2. How about a photo of the mind boggling bling on your blog? :)

    I was very pleased to receive your text message this morning with all that fantastic news.

    WOO HOO!!

  3. Wow, a category win, that's so cool!!! Huge congrats Strewth.

    I think you are right about those spin classes, I was certainly a stronger hill runner when I did a class or two a week. Must go back!