Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Busy Wednesday!

Actually I had a short day at work today. At 6.15am I had the 50mins RPM class at the gym followed by a 15mins killer abs class followed by brekkie at Black Pepper to celebrate our instructor's 40th birthday - lots of fun. However I didn't start work until 9.15am. Then I flexed off work at 4.15pm to meet Ewen to start our run a bit earlier as he had a meeting to attend in the early evening. We had a good run. My legs felt a bit tired and I was suffering from DOMS after my strength session yesterday at the gym but apart from that I was ok, just very hungry for some reason and both my hamstrings felt a bit tight! We ran a two lap course from work down to the lake and round the Central Basin area. This time we managed to stay where it was lit on our return journey. That's a good time of day to start and we may plan to start by 4.30pm in future so that we have some daylight at the start of the run. The sun was low in the sky and there were dark threatening clouds on our first loop but we reached the end of our run with no sign of rain and it was reasonably mild by then whereas earlier we had a strong Easterly wind as we crossed the bridges.
Total distance: 15.16km
Time taken: 1:30:57
Average pace per km: 5:59
Calories burned: 896


  1. Thanks for your kind words. Rest, real rest, is what you do at work. Bit like running in the boss's time. See you Sunday and no, I will be going as fast as I can, and still not catch you!!

  2. I agree - you were going so well yesterday, I'll put a six-pack on two fruits not catching you Sunday.

  3. Congrats on the age group win in the Canberra Half! Great to see after your injury earlier in the year.

  4. Sounds like a lovely morning and a lovely afternoon!