Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dickson Oval with speedygeese

More photos from the training group dinner

Katie, Ken and Helen

Helen and Maria
Christine, Peter (PRB) and Neil

Tonight we ran two warm-up laps (yes, Rachelle and I made it for the start) before commencing our main session which was 3 x 1km fast with up to five minutes active rest between each km. After the first km speedycoach took note of our times and handicapped us accordingly. It was challenging but fun.
km times: 5:08, 5:07, 5:00
Thus I managed to run slightly quicker each time which pleased me. Mr B ran his last km in 4:08 so I have a wee way to go!!!
Total distance: 7:29
Calories burned: 431


  1. A minute per km to beat your husband? That's only ... um ... 0.06 seconds per metre!

  2. Tell Mr B to stop doing this. He'll become too fast!

    Next time for you I predict 5:01, 5:00, 4:59 :)

  3. Only a little minute! Go get him, Strewth. Hope we catch up at the GC.