Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Xena - Warrior Princess!

Same as, same as - 50mins RPM class at 6.15am followed by 15mins abs class and a mid-distance run with Ewen at 4.45pm. Wednesday is always a full day and I'm always falling asleep writing up my blog - oh dear!
However, it was another lovely sunny day and I was able to wear shorts and a sleeveless top for the run after work despite Ewen wearing a tracksuit for the entire distance! I was comfortable - perhaps we are just not running fast enough to warm him up! We ran off-road out towards the museum, around it and back towards the central part of the lake and two loops past the flags. On our second loop we were joined by Emma and her gorgeous white fluffy labradoodle, Zena - great company. It was quite dark by then but fortunately Ewen had his headlamp with him. It helped light up the track. Next week I'll remember to wear mine hopefully so we can avoid potholes without running too slowly. It was very pleasant out there this evening though. We start in daylight on Wednesdays and can watch the sun setting over the water but it becomes dark very early these days.
Total distance: 16.45km
Time taken: 1:40:43
Average pace per km: 6:07
Calories burned: 970

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  1. I was a tad overdressed, but we were running plenty fast enough :)

    I agree - great company - Xena is such a witty conversationalist.

    There's still no big photo of Maria and Charlie!