Thursday, May 08, 2008

No speed for me!

Tonight I went to training probably against my better judgement but I just chose to jog the entire session round and round the track as my breathing and my cold are definitely not right yet. It looked like a really good session too which was disappointing for me. However, I decided against speed work as there was just no energy left in me at all. I even found the warm-up difficult. After the session we toasted speedygeoff's health with champagne welcoming him back and singing Happy Birthday to our esteemed leader.
Distance: 8km


  1. My garmin shows me we all went round.. and round .. and round .. and round ...

  2. Just because he's officially old, doesn't mean his esteemed. Maybe you meant steamed, from exhaling all that hot air on a cold night?

  3. Aww sad to hear you aren't feeling all that well - but the session still sounds like it was fun.