Thursday, July 31, 2008

C'mon Everybody

At speedygeoff''s training tonight we did the reverse of last week. We started with a couple of warm-up laps then our main session consisted of:
3 x [300 easy/200 hard; 300 easy/300 hard; 400 easy/500 hard] - I think!! I was a little confused especially when I had to race off for a loo break towards the end of the second set and then had to attempt to catch up!
We had a warm-down lap of the oval for finish.
Total distance (for me - I missed half of the first warm-up loop) - 9km
Calories burned: 500
It was a small group tonight - only 9 of us turned up which is unusual - the cold must have frightened everybody away! However we did welcome one newcomer so that was good.


  1. FOR THE RECORD: "Reverse" included running clockwise instead of anti-clockwise!

  2. Wow. That was a short loo break!