Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wombat Wednesday and speedy Thursday

Yesterday it was back to the 'after work' run with Ewen, both of us warmly dressed for the cold weather. In fact it was much milder than anticipated and I even took off my long sleeved top and tied it round my waist. The evenings stay lighter about half an hour longer now as we are past the shortest day but once the light disappeared at about the 8km mark I tried out my new ultra-light (no pun intended) clip-on head lamp which PRB gave me to try. It was very effective indeed.
We had a pleasant run but it felt faster than it actually was. My hamstring was niggly (still) and I had strange twinges in my knees which I didn't like but after the warm up things improved and we ran the second half comfortably. We ran from work down over the bridge past Molonglo Reach and back and saw heaps of active bunnies and ducks on the way and even spotted a huge water rat heading off into the marsh by the lake. There's always heaps of interesting creatures (apart from us) to spot on our Wednesday runs.
Total distance: 16.01km
Time taken: 1:39:25
Average pace per km: 6:12
Calories burned: 954

Thursday - speedy's session - Dickson Oval
Tonight I managed to leave my Garmin seeking a satelite on my windowsill at work - oops! Thus I had to calculate the total distance which we estimated to be 7.5km. We ran two 1.2km warm-up loops and followed this with all of us running 600m as fast as possible in order for speedycoach to establish our handicap. We were then split into teams of two for a relay of 4 x 600m sprints with a 200m jog back to the start. I was partnered with Rod who is one of the very fastest runners in the group which meant there was little rest for me on reaching the starting point each time. It was challenging but fun. We finished with a warm down loop of 1.2km.
Total distance: 7.5km (estimated)


  1. HI Ruth,

    well done on the GC marathon effort - you did so well in the conditions!
    I realised that it must seem like I didn't enjoy the speedygeese training group as I only managed to come the once - but never fear - I actually did really enjoy it but I had a few medical issues come up the following week preventing me from running - I am still only able to walk - a couple more weeks and things should be on the improve though.
    I will be updating my blog more regularly then!

    PS - I'm not finding the cold too bad - although I have been wrapped up inside as much as possible!

  2. critter patrol sounds fun. just know that the crocodilian types and land sharks are to be avoided.

  3. Poor Gandalf!

    Don't forget the backwards figure-8s for the hammy :)