Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just another Manic Monday!

Back to RPM this morning for a tough hilly climb in and out of the saddle just to start my week right!

After work Rachelle and I headed off to Parliament House for speedygeoff’s session which took place as follows:

Two warm-up loops of PH followed by 20 x 100m hill repeats on 90 seconds finishing with a warm-down loop of PH.

Total distance: 8.6km

I found the first warm-up loop quite tough and felt rather sluggish but I took note of the advice of our speedycoach and took the hills gently. I felt quite comfortable and even managed to push myself a little for the two “fast” repeats that we incorporated. On the whole it was actually fun (did I say that, about hills?) and I was glad that I decided to accept the challenge and take part in the session rather than jog off for a longer run.

There was not a huge turnout tonight which I put down to school holidays which affect some of our group. However, there were still enough of us to make the warm-up and warm-down a great opportunity to catch up with everyone’s news.

Tuesday - Today
I recovered well after yesterday’s session and managed a thorough upper body weights session at the gym early this morning. Tomorrow I will return to my Wed mid-week run with Ewen after work. We have some catching up to do after the Gold Coast.

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  1. Did you get tickets to The Bangles concert?