Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Slow Off-Road Run to Stretch the Legs

At the very civilized hour of 11am I met up with Rachelle and we ran to meet Miranda and from there ran on to O'Connor Ridge for a hilly off-road gentle (?) run. This was my first run since the GC marathon and I have to admit the first 5km really hurt. I felt pain where it had never been before and at the top of one very steep hill where we all resorted to walking I spent some time stretching before we resumed our run. The next few km felt much better and after leaving Miranda at her house, R and I continued on to Tilleys where we spent 2 1/2 hours over a very leisurely lunch and a coffee or two. It was so relaxing and pleasant. The weather, although brisk (very), was at least sunny and it was lovely to run slowly on those hills. I think it helped me although I do wonder if I'm doing the right thing by having entered the 16km Bush Capital event in a couple of weeks - lots of hills there. Hmmm, am I crazy I wonder? These poor legs definitely suffered today.
Total distance: 10.07km
Time taken: unmentionable!!
Calories burned: 600


  1. All roads lead to Tilley's :)

    Good idea about the 16k - it's flat compared to the other runs. And you get to pay your respects at Trent's Grave.

  2. How about spending some time standing in the cold water of LBG, no wonder you have sore legs. Backing up the next day after the Bush Capital 16 km should be easy, only one hill to climb.