Saturday, July 19, 2008

De-stressing on the Hills!

Yesterday my only exercise was a tough RPM class at the gym before work. This morning however the sun was shining and although the air was very fresh the sky was blue and a run was definitely the way to go especially after the absolutely horrible day I had at work yesterday. I do think runners have a great way of relieving stress! It really does help.

I set off from home about 10am (very civilized hour indeed in this cold weather) and ran to Rachelle's house where we waited for Jodie to join us before running to collect Miranda from her house, then off we all ran to O'Connor Ridge and on to Black Mountain Reserve and the Botanical Gardens, through the gardens and back the way we came. It was a lovely run, hilly, mainly off-road, definitely tough in parts but pleasant and different. I even wore shorts and wrapped my long-sleeved top round my waist after about 5km.

Total distance: 20.15km
Time taken: 2hours 17mins

Average pace per km: 6:48 (blame those hills!)

Calories burned: 1137

Tomorrow's forecast is not good and Mr B is competing in the duathlon first thing in the morning. I will be there to cheer him on but hopefully the rain and wind will stay away - nothing worse than battling the elements while riding a bike except perhaps spectating in the freezing cold - hope they have coffee!!


  1. Shorts! It must have been warm.

    Good luck Mr B - it doesn't look too bad out there.

  2. Can't remember any hills where you ran, but if you say so, there must be some. Just get fit enough before Ewen starts you on SFT training. Then there will be hills!
    It was a good day to run on Sat morning.