Thursday, July 24, 2008

Such a Night!

Sometimes it proves difficult to match Elvis songs to the training session. In response to his comment NEVER will I "move on" from my training partner, Ewen. It's awesome running with him for company on a Wednesday. We have such interesting conversations!
Tonight, however, I went to speedygeoff's session at Dickson Oval. I started off wearing earwarmers, a long sleeved top and gloves but did strip down to a singlet without gloves and earwarmers by the middle of the main set.
Rachelle and I missed the first warm-up lap but managed to fit in one loop before the main set. It was different tonight. We ran: 3 x [500 hard / 400 easy + 300 hard / 300 easy + 200 hard / 300 easy] in lane 2. Some of the faster people, including our very fast new starter, Steve, managed 4 sets but 3 sets was quite enough for the rest of us mere mortals. We finished with a warm down loop of 1.2km wrapped up in all our warm gear again - brrrrr! It took ages to feel warm again afterwards. This has been a very cold week with frosty early morning temperatures of minus 2 to minus 4. Dress warmly on Saturday Jen!!
Total distance: 8km


  1. Yes you were there tonight.
    But you were the only person to strip down in the cold.
    I am starting to worry about you.
    It was minus 4 in Belconnen today. It is always cold here. Steve has just arrived from Scotland and he didn't notice.
    p.s. Steve stopped after 3 sets, time was up.

  2. Thanks - all my warm clothes are packed! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  3. Good luck and have "fun" tomorrow. I'm staying in bed with the electric blanket on 3. See you for the post-race coffee :)