Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Every Step I Took!

Every single step - I felt it. It hurt! Not a good tapering run at all! I'm not sure if it was a result of Monday's training, the physio visit yesterday or the RPM class this morning but my upper calf/hamstring hurt like crazy every step of my run tonight. It was just an easy tapering run on my own straight from work without Ewen who has already left for the Gold Coast. I ran, ipod attached, from work down to the lake past the carillon then turned at 25mins and returned to the office. I felt constant pain. It didn't ease off as it normally would and it was not a pleasant run. Tomorrow morning I have my last physio appointment - I hope miracles can be performed! All I know is that I could never run 42km in the pain I was in today. I am feeling frustrated - grrrr! However, tomorrow is another day and hopefully after the physio visit I will be able to run without pain again. Fingers crossed!
Total distance: 8:27km
Time taken: 50.55
Average pace per km: 6:09
Calories burned: 490


  1. Fingers crossed you are fine. Funny, a couple of my training buddies are feeling much the same, it seems their one last run before the marathon brought out all sorts of niggles. And just quietly I was the same this morning!

    Our bodies knows what's in store for them, I think they are having one last ditched attempt to talk us out of it :)

  2. you looked good today. i hope this means you'll be fine. hope so. crossing all crossable body parts.