Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Week and a difficult start!

This morning I rose at 5am to do my gym session and gee, I felt every weight. I found it really tough this morning especially those shoulder lateral raises! I have just received my updated program for the next 8 weeks and oh boy, I should never have complained before. It is pretty damn tough!

Anyway tonight was speedygeoff's training session at Parliament House. Speedygeoff is currently interstate so Neil took our group. He knew some of us had competed at Googong so we did the bottom loop of the lawns in the front of PH instead of both loops which was a little easier than last week fortunately but the uphills still felt a bit uncomfortable.

Distance: 9.1km
Calories burned: 433
Weight loss since 5 June: 3kilos

Session: warm-up of 2 loops of Parliament House (each 1.7km)
Main set: 5 x 400m loops of the front lawn of PH - fast on the uphill slopes and steady on the other three sides
5 x 400m loops in reverse
Warm down: full loop of PH

I certainly felt those hills but I was very happy to complete the entire session. I did however have to run very quickly to the loo at the end before even saying goodbye to anyone. I have had a decidedly dodgy tummy ever since Googong on Saturday and interestingly Pam, who also competed, tells me she had the same problem in the weekend as did CJ. Perhaps there was something in the water?? I am now in Week 5 of my 12 week program and yes, I've lost 3 kilos in weight and an inch off my waist so that's encouraging!


  1. Well done! Whereas I am feeling decidedly blimpy and with a bad mood to boot! Must be tired!

  2. Take it easy there Strewth; takes a little while to catch your breath after a run like you did on Saturday.