Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Interval Training

This morning at 5.30am I did interval training on my windtrainer as follows:

5 mins warm up followed by 21 mins intervals - 1 min easy/2 1/2 mins hard. This was repeated 6 times, 5 mins cool down - total of 31 mins.

I pushed as hard as possible on the hard intervals and pulled right back on the easy intervals. After my shower etc I rushed in to town to meet three friends for brekkie.

When I emerged from the office this evening it was pouring with rain. Good thing I didn't have a run planned! We definitely need the rain in Canberra. We don't see it very often!


  1. Rain in Canberra is welcome whenever it rains.

    We only had a few raindrops in Weton Creek, although the drops on the bitumen looked pretty big.

  2. Good effort there!!

    It should be so dry there, send you some rain from here :)

  3. Great effort with the intervals, you speed deamon. And yes good to have some rain in Canberra, but hope it doesn't make my group run tomorrow too slushy.