Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Love Weekends! There should be more of them!

Friday 7 July
Gym Session
I now have two different sessions, one concentrating on legs/arms and the other concentrating on chest/back/shoulders. Today's session was legs and arms as follows:

Warm up on stationary bike - 8 mins
Leg press - 3 x 15 (30kg) - this is my first time so will obviously need to increase weights
DB Lunges - 3 x 15 (8kg)
Seated Leg Curl - 3 x 12 (20lb) - OUCH!
DB Standing Calf Raise - 2 x 15 (15lb) - I was a bit uncertain as to whether I was doing this correctly so will need to be shown this I think
Biceps - DB Biceps Curt - 12, 10, 8 (I was supposed to increase weight as repetitions decreased but I only increased it by about 2lb - will improve next time!)
DB Triceps Kickback - 1 x 12 (8kg); 2 x 12 (10kg)

2 x 15 Back Extension
2 x 10 bicycle crunches
2 modified plank (holding 60secs) - again will have to increase these but ran out of time

Saturday - Run

Distance: 9.50km
Time taken: 59mins
Calories burned: 519

I met up with kiwi Barb and Marg at the Hackett side of Mt Ainslie and we ran the same undulating course as the Vets' run starting and finishing at a slightly different spot. It was freezing this morning and very bleak. By lunch time the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous winter's day but at 9am it was sooooo cold. I borrowed gloves but they were fingerless and my fingers and nose felt blue with cold! We wore shorts but the legs were ok, it was just the rest of us. It's quite a tough undulating run but great with company and off-road on that surface is lovely. We chatted apart from when we were concentrating on the biggest hill! Although this is a relatively short run it's great training on those hills for the Bush Capital Run and the City to Surf which are coming up soon. After the run we adjourned to Hudsons in Dickson for a lovely coffee and good company.


  1. Good company without moi?!

  2. You must be such a positive person because it comes through so strongly in all your posts. You made that run with your mates sound just grand. I was also impressed with those leg curls. That was some weight you're lifting.