Monday, July 24, 2006

Just another Manic Monday

Today was not an especially good start to the week. My throat is very sore and raw and I feel very tired. However I still struggled out of bed early and went to the gym.

Lateral pulldown - 1 x 6 (30kg), 1 x 6 (25kg); 2 x 12 (25kg)
Cable seated row - 3 x 12 (45kg)
DB Bench Press = 3 x 10 (20lb)
Pec Dec Fly - 3 x 10 (20kg)
DB Upright row - 3 x 12 (30kg)
DB Shoulder Press - 1 x 12, 2 x 10 (10lb)

Back extension - 2 x 15
Modified Plank - 3 x 60secs
Bicycle Crunches - 3 x 15
Crunches - 3 x 15

The rain poured down all day and after work I just didn't feel up to going to speedygeoff's session. My throat was hurting heaps and I knew we would be training in the underground carpark so instead I wussed out and drove home and climbed on my windtrainer (stationary bike) in the comfort of my lounge! There I did a hard intervals session as follows:

5 mins warm up followed by 21mins intervals - 1 min easy/2 1/2 mins hard (x 6 repeats), 5 mins cool down - total of 31 mins.

I worked really hard to make up for the guilts and was so wet when I finished I had to have a shower before preparing dinner. I did a load of washing, ironed a couple of shirts, wrote my blog and now I'm ready for bed! And my throat still hurts!! Waaaaah!


  1. Three weeks it took me to recover from what in the first week was a throat - but I'm (nearly) back! Hang in there!

  2. I was sniffing and coughing last night, but nothing this morning, so fingers are crossed.

    Have a couple of throat drops, or "anything else" that's handy.

  3. Maybe brekkie with CJ will help! My commiserations; always the pits when it seems like a cold is just a sniffle away. I had a flu shot earlier in the year and that has so far kept the bugs at bay. Keep up the vitamin c and eat says Mother Goose.