Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is Spring Approaching?

Morning Run - 5.40am
It was a very foggy frosty start to the morning as I set off at 5.40am with my headlight showing the way and my music keeping me company. This morning my session was hill repeats. Now the very last thing I felt like doing was rolling out of bed and going out in that cold dark morning but I'm so glad I did it. It always feel so good to know you have achieved the session you had planned, especially after missing Monday's hill training.

Session - Hill Repeats - Hill just under 400m
Warm up run to start of hill - approx 1.5km
slow jog to top of hill and slow jog down (x 2)
fast jog to top of hill and slow jog down (x 2)
sprint to top of hill and slow jog down (x 2)
slow jog to top of hill and slow jog down (x2)
Cool down run home

Total distance: 8:11km
Calories burned: 509

After a very foggy start to the day by lunchtime the sky was blue and it was warm enough to walk outside with only a light jacket on. Maybe Spring is just around the corner. In the weekend I noticed a few magpies eyeing me up as I ran. Pretty soon they'll be building their nests and swooping me. They definitely have that meaningful look in their eyes!

Session after work - 5.30pm - speedygeoff's group - Dickson

Total distance: 8:05km
Calories burned: 495 (yes, definitely more gentle than this morning)

We did a large warm up loop of the full oval then a smaller loop of the oval. The oval was officially closed and as there was no lighting we decided to take to the cycle paths and go for a 5km run out around the suburbs. It made a very pleasant change to run and talk at the same time especially as too much exertion set me coughing. It was a lovely session with only a select few of us participating. It gave me an opportunity to chat with Marg and speedygeoff and it was fun. Am I ready for Saturday's run? I'm a bit unsure as this cough has held me back from running very much this week so hope I at least finish the run. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Total distance for the day: 16:16km


  1. I hope you'll run really well on Saturday, Strewth; I'm sure you will! Enjoy the day.

  2. How sensitive you are understanding the sight of the birds, lovely :)

    Hope you can enjoy the next runs sound very exciting!