Sunday, July 23, 2006

Family Day Sunday

On Friday I went to the gym and did my usual legs and arms workout. However, I did find it tough although I managed to increase the weights which is always encouraging.

Saturday - Mid-distance Run - 10am
Distance: 16km
Time: 1hr 33mins
Average pace per km: 5:52
Calories burned: 929

I ran from home and along the cycle track to Nicholls and back. The only problem with this course was that there were roadworks on the cycle track and I had to run a bit of a detour through dirt and uneven grassy surfaces. This slowed me down a bit as I had to watch my footing. The weather started off very overcast and cool. However as I returned the sun came out and it was really quite warm. I ran with my music playing loudly in my ears and although I was tired and have been all weekend I still enjoyed a pleasant run all on my own with my music for company.

Sunday (today) I had a "rest" day. I have a sore dry throat which I sincerely hope doesn't develop into anything as there's a lot of nasty viruses out there - STAY AWAY BUGS! I joined Lyn and Barb for a coffee this morning at Yarralumla and this afternoon the family came over and I could spend quality time with my beautiful children and grandchildren. Only three weeks until Mr B returns! I've stuck to my nutrition plan and tomorrow I will be in Week 8. I've lost just over 4kg and over 4% bodyfat. I feel better for it although this weekend I have been tired so it was good to have a rest day today. I've prepared all my lunches for the week so that it's easier to pack my bags each day. I can't believe how quickly weekends disappear!

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  1. That's a lovely post Strewth. Congratulations on Saturday's run and congrats too for the weight loss. Really great effort. As you say not long until Mr B returns and then fun!

    You asked about my star sign. Alas, I'm not a Geminii but a Taurus. I am still going through life trying to work out what that means!