Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bush Capital Run

Distance: 16km
Time taken: 1hr 36mins
Average pace per km: 6mins
Calories burned: 889
Fastest km: 5:15

What an absolutely stunning day for the Bush Capital Runs. It was frosty and cold but the sky was a clear blue and the sun was shining brightly. There was a choice of distances and I entered the 16km run. I'm very glad I didn't decide on the 25km although it had crossed my mind a few times that I should. As it was I felt very fortunate that I even managed the 16km as my cold has developed into a real humdinger and I sound like a steam train when I breathe and have a very croaky voice! There were so many people out there who I knew and I managed to catch up with quite a few after the race - Aki, Tuggeranong Don, Flashduck, Vicky, speedygeoff and all the usual suspects. I was so impressed with FD selecting the 25km run and managing to complete it in spite of not feeling 100% healthy. She is truly an inspiration the way she bounces back.

The 16km run start was at 9am. I collected CJ who ran in the 25km and did a fantastic time finishing as 4th female only missing out on 3rd by a few seconds. I, on the other hand, ran rather slowly. For the first 8km I struggled with my breathing and every time I chatted to someone I started coughing so I concentrated instead on putting one foot in front of the other and trying to breathe! I was very stuffed up but I felt much better on the second half of the run. It was very hilly but being off-road the surface was lovely and it was a really pleasant run. I will definitely run this again next year and may even opt for the 25km with more training and no cold bugs hopefully! The fantastic thing about Canberra is that you can be in the city one minute and then a few kilometres away be in the the peace and quiet of the bush with only the sounds of the birds singing in the trees. Yes, there were lots of birds up there keeping us company and even a rider on a large white horse came trotting past. A couple of cyclists rode downhill quickly as we struggled upwards and it was so pretty out there. Some of the downhills were a bit uneven and rough but on the whole the surface was pretty good - just a little muddy in patches from our recent rainfall.

My time was slow and speedygeoff had to redirect me at the finish line as for some bizarre reason I completely lost the plot and veered off from the finish line but I only lost a couple of seconds I'm sure. I was very happy I did it feeling the way I did. I felt so sick last night that I did have serious doubts at one stage. Tomorrow the intention is to run the Vets' Handicap at Mt Taylor - could be another slow run but that's ok, it's all about the wonderful company and the great feeling at the end! That's what running is all about.


  1. Strewth this is some lovely post. It is great you aloud yourself doing this run for not missing the chance to catch up with friends and share this stunning day, good for you, I can feel your energy coming back already.
    Good luck for tomorrow!

  2. I agree a really beautiful post. I really enjoyed catching up with you and have to admit that I thought you had mostly gotten over your lergy, but clearly it was still very much with you during the run. Weren't those hills tough!! I even asked the rider on that white horse for a lift as she came down one hill and I went up the other way panting heavily. A beaut day overall.