Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two Tough Training Runs Today!

Morning Run - 5.45am
This morning as I rose to an ice box of a house the frost was glistening on the white grass and all the ungaraged cars were covered in a layer of white. Yes, it was jolly cold inside and outside.

Session - Hill repeats - distance of hill 380m
Warm up of 9 mins to reach the hill from home. Next I ran the hill session as follows:

Jog slow to top, slow jog down x 2
Jog fast to top, slow jog down x 2
Sprint to top, slow jog down x 2
Jog slow to top, slow jog down x 2

Cool down run home.
Total distance: 7.21km
Calories burned: 444

Afternoon Training - 5.30pm
speedygeoff's training session at Dickson Oval was similar to last week except for the distance. After two warm-up laps of the full oval we were split into groups of 3-6 and ran one behind the other again with the last person in each group running to the front when Geoff blew the whistle.

2 x warm-up loops of full oval
1 x 1200m (3 x 400m laps of oval) swapping leaders on the whistle
1 x 800m (2 x 400m laps of oval)
1 x 1200m
1 x cool down loop of full oval

Total distance: 6.53km
Calories burned: 398

The shorter interval of 800m was the toughest. We really worked on the 800m lap which was evidenced by the fact that during that time I ran my best km time of 4:50. It was tough especially during the bursts to reach the front before the whistle blew!

When I arrived home I was expecting to open the door to a freezing cold house. During the day I had rung the ducted heating people and they couldn't come out until next week. The receptionist suggested I turned the power off at the wall and at the mains, wait 5 minutes then reset the metre. I had explained this to my younger daughter over the telephone and she and her boyfriend had come home for a while and managed to fix it. How happy I am to have a lovely warm welcoming home again. What a difference a warm house makes!


  1. I would have died if I had come home to a cold house tonight, after that freezing wind. Our roaring fire is the best!

  2. At least it is fixed already.
    It sounds freezing back there, how this machine broke now you are alone!

    Nice you get some sweat form excercise, nice workouts!

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  4. You're right about coming home to a warm house - great for the body and soul.

  5. No wonder you were training twice in one day if you didn't have any heating. The only way you would keep warm. Thank goodness it's fixed now and you're nice and warm again.