Monday, July 31, 2006

Mt Taylor Vets' Handicap

Distance: 6.8km
Time taken: 41.20mins
Handicap Group: 14
Place: 50th
Average pace per km: 6:05 (oh dear - now that really is slow!!)

I woke up a few times during the night coughing and when I struggled out of bed at 6.30am I seriously contemplated contacting CJ and saying I would give today's run a miss but after my rolled oats and banana (yes, I bought a banana and it was soooo good) I felt much better and at that stage the sky was blue and this convinced me that Mt Taylor was waiting and so were lots of friends I wanted to see. So on went the running gear and off I drove to collect CJ and head for the south side to join the vetrunners at our monthly handicap run.

Mt Taylor is called MOUNT Taylor for a reason. It's a very undulating course and some of those hills are very steep indeed. However, it's also very pretty and another of those off-road runs where the views and the surface is wonderful. I did find the run, although far shorter, almost harder in parts than yesterday simply because I kept coughing. I had to remember not to talk to people, just raise a hand because every time I opened my mouth I started coughing. However, the downhill parts of the run were great. I felt like I was flying in the last downhill stretch. This course used to be run in the opposite direction a few years ago and I found that much harder. This direction is really very pleasant and certainly scenic.

After the run and lots of catching up with people a few of us went to Babars for a great coffee and more chatting. I caught up with Barb who has just returned from a week in her native NZ. It was great to catch up and laugh over the different expressions we use even though our countries are so close. Being an ex-kiwi it's always fun to catch up with recent travellers.

It's been quite a busy weekend. This evening I went to the movies to see The Lake House. It was quite delightful.

I have stocked up on throat lozenges and vitamins but think that tomorrow (which is now today) I will sleep in and take a sicky from work. I need to work on shaking this cold so that I can bounce back properly.

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  1. And about time too (taking a sickie!). You need to fight off that horrible cough and that means lots of rest. Something you didn't really do over the weekend!