Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Saga of my Gym

Firstly thanks for the comments guys. I'm hanging in there! CJ had a few days off work this week and has moved into her newly renovated home (it's just beautiful). She met me for a coffee in the city at lunchtime today. It was great to relax and catch up. She has just finished her 12 week program and looks absolutely amazing. So I'm definitely hanging in there - less than five weeks to go and in the meantime I'll fight this sore throat and keep going if I can.

As I also met a few ex work colleagues for brekkie this morning and I have another early morning meeting tomorrow I did my gym session after work today. At that time of day the clientele is quite different from the early morning. The gym I attend has an average age of about 70 and is predominately male. There has been a radio in the gym for avery large number of years and in the mornings the venerable gentlemen like to listen to the BBC and classical music or news programs. Recently the radio decided to just stop and there was lots of discussion about how to replace it. The Board was approached and on Friday a new radio appeared to the accompaniment of loud cheering. It was immediately switched to their favourite station and the news! Tonight as some of the clientele were at least 30 years younger one guy decided to change to a commercial radio station. What courage! For the first time I can ever remember we actually had lively music playing to our workout and it was the best workout I had for ages - lol!!

Some of the gentlemen who attend the gym in the mornings have been going there for more than 20 years. They are all very friendly and all have their stories to tell. There is a small swimming pool there and often they wander through in their speedos and barefeet (I should add that there is a sign there saying "no barefeet" but these gentlemen are the backbone of the club and I don't think anyone will argue with them) to the change rooms. There is one man (he would only be about 50) who always wanders through after his swim, towel over one arm and book in his hand, who climbs on one of the bikes (in his speedos and bare feet) and spends the next 20mins or so gently cycling as he reads his book. He's never read a novel in his life - all his books are history or war sagas. In the many years that I have come in and out of that gym that same man has always just gently done his workout (never working up a sweat) and his rolls of fat have never diminished in the slightest! It is rather fun actually listening to their conversations. They always say 'hello', unlike most trendy gyms you attend and I know all their names and their golf handicaps!!

The "after work" crowd is different but it's still interesting and I did enjoy my workout this afternoon. It was a legs/arms session today and I felt quite comfortable for once.

Warm up on treadmill - 10 mins
Leg Press - 1 x 12, 1 x 15 (50kg); 1 x 15 (55kg)
DB Lunges - 1 x 15, 2 x 12 (20lb)
Seated Leg Curl - 1 x 15 (20lb), 2 x 12 (30lb) - yay, I finally increased the weight
DB Standing Calf Raise - 2 x 15 (20lb)
DB Biceps Curl - 12 x 8lb, 10 x 15lb, 8 x 17.6lb (and I actually increased this as well)
DB Triceps Kickback - 3 x 12 (10lb) - I've finally figured this one out

Back Extension - 2 x 15
Modified Plank - 2 x 60secs, 1 x 80secs
Bicycle Crunches - 3 x 15
Crunches - 3 x 15

I really felt good tonight although my cough has worsened now it's the evening and I can hear my daughter's "barking"cough in her bedroom. Tomorrow yoga resumes and CJ will be attending my class at the same time which will be great company.

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