Monday, April 28, 2008

And the temperature drops down, down, down!

Gee, it was soooo cold in Canberra today. The sudden drop in temperature brought out all the winter woollies and skarves - brrr! I went to my RPM class to warm up which I definitely did but that was at least indoors. Going to training at Parliament House after work was another story. It was so damn cold and obviously it's only a taste of things to come. Everybody was wearing long pants and long sleeved tops. Two people even wore gloves! We ran a similar course to last week except the sprints were shorter (about 580m each) as it was very dark indeed and the slow jogs between were up hills and about 350m. I was so glad I wore my headlamp as it would be very difficult to know where I was going without it. Our numbers dropped this week probably due to the cold snap. It was barely 5degrees out there this evening and I understand it's gradually heading for minus 1 overnight - brrrrr, I repeat brrrr!
Distance: 8km
Calories burned: 478


  1. I must admit that the cold kep me away. That and fear of driving to parliament house by myself during peak hour (wuss that I am).
    I will try for thursday at dickson.

  2. LOL. Every time I come to Canberra I think to myself that I could live there; that it really suits my outdoor lifestyle.

    And then winter arrives ;-)

  3. I know just how you feel, Strewth. Cold as all get-out here too! Won't it be lovely to feel the warmth of the sun at the Gold Coast! Must see you there.

  4. Or as a pirate would say: Rrrrrrr, Brrrrrr, Rrrrrrr, Brrrrrr.

    What about Geoff B's shorts and long white socks! :)