Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mt Majura on a brisk Canberra morning

On Friday night Mr B and I thoroughly enjoyed Matchbox 20 playing at the AIS stadium. It was truly awesome. The support band was Thirsty Merc and they too were fantastic - both groups were very entertaining and it was a wonderful night topped off by seeing lots of people we knew from different parts of our lives including Charlie who had an equally good evening.

Then last night we went to the movies to see The Painted Veil - wow, it was so fabulous - it made me cry. I love movies that make me cry - either from happiness or sadness. This was sad but we both really enjoyed it.

Now back to the running!

It was a little nippy this morning for the Vets' monthly handicap run at Mt Majura - not called Mount for nothing I might add! It started on a hill (I soon warmed up and was glad I just wore a singlet top) and there were several more undulations thrown in for good measure but I have to admit it was great to be off road running hills again and I enjoyed it in spite of myself. I actually felt quite comfortable and surprised myself with a reasonable result in a time that was 2 minutes faster than the same course last year. Yippee! Of course Mr B and CJ and lots of my running buddies were at least 7 minutes faster than me but I was happy although I know the handicapper will be tough on me as I came in 12th in a field of 98! :(

Distance: 10km (9.91km according to Gandalf 2)
Time taken: 56:34
Average pace per km: 5:39
Handicap Group: 22
Place: 12th
Calories burned: 582
Total distance for week: 66.34km

Later a large group of us enjoyed brunch at Carlo's in Watson - a great opportunity for a catch-up. On a cold blustery day it was a lovely way to finish the morning.


  1. My pack & I climbed Majura when we were there for the Canberra marathon. Hiking up it was hard enough; can't imagine running up it!

  2. Tell the handicapper it was the new outfit which caused you to run so fast.

    Strewth, we won't tell Jen where the course went, will we? ;)

  3. See I told you you were getting dangerously faster (speedier) didn't I?

    Gee, I too thought you looked good on Sunday.